Friday, September 25, 2009

hell, yeah !

omg, i'm so glad to be there.
at first, i thought i couldn't make it for the 'thing'.
with along's car went *kaputt~. huh, 2ndhand car. don't expect more.
told mama and papa, buy him a new car. but, NO NO NO.
see, should have trust the 2nd child. works everytime.

raya was wondertastic ! everything's okay, but there's one thing i don't like about raya;
traveling by a solid car. why? cz it makes my head d-i-z-z-y.
there was one time, i puke. yukk !!! talk about the smell, HAHA
next time, book me a private jet to raub and rembau. pulis pa ?

precious moment(s)

was taken by the unprofesionals :)

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