Saturday, October 10, 2009

when 12.00 midnight strucked.

09 October 09 - aku sayang korg

that night, i was blindfolded ...

allyn : aku tanak kne jirus ngn air lagi ! please !

aina : eh, ta lah. ktorg nk kasi ko mkn kek jerp. ok, bukak lah mulut.

tatau saper : (bukakn mata) hehe

bang bang boom !!!
syara's icing's cake was all over my face.
my pyjamas was drenched by an insolent solution (tap water + softlan) originally made by nemo and pqah.
not to mention, the softlan was mine. ahax.
yerp, Happy 16th Birthday to me.

to aspurian especially the form fivesz ;
sory sbb wat bising malam tuh. sory sory sory :))

credits goes to ;
nemo isma naemah aisyah aina pqah suaidah qylah achik izzatul iedah. wanie (late appearance)

above all this,
i thanked Allah SWT for giving me the blasting 16 years of living.

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  1. yarp!!!
    thank god for giving me such a nice gud fren whose bcome mine now!!!haha~~