Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bola Golf.

''U guys are going to bbysit this Friday''. Waaaa, ta pernah2 jaga ank org, bila dtg sini, kne babysit ? haha ! Both of the kids are still infants. But I managed to do it very well. Ermmm I guess (: I realized, being a mom of 2 babies at the same time really can drive u crazy. I don't know how any mom can go through with that and still wanna hve more bby.

hey hey hey, I went to play GOLF for the first time ! yeay ! haha :D
One Sunday morning, I went to a church called The Lost Tree Chapel. Sarah's (my sister) choir sang there and they nailed it beautifully. In the chapel, we had to sometimes stand and sing the prayers. After that, the pastor read the Bible. I went through it and they were weird yet familiar names. Ouhh, I wish I can understand them. Tiba2, aku teringat mmbe aku pnh ckp, "Ko, Quran ta abes belajar lgi, ko nk belajar bible plak" I just giggled. Before we head back home, my mom and I had the chance to hear the pastor's speech. It was about parenting... The dad always said these 3 words to his kid, ' NEVER GIVE UP'. Heyyy, like my papa always said to me too. HAAA :D . Actually, I wanna tell the story about it, but unfortunately, I kinda like forgot it. I still remember the details but don't know how to tell. Hee, sorry... Maybe next post.

Today ; Forest Hill Senior's Picture Day. All Seniors have to wear RED !
It was fun though. It was FUN to feel the excitement of graduating. yeah !


  1. wahh allyn :)
    syOk la bce cter2 kO . .
    pape pown . , keep it up yaa . .
    n dO fOllow my blOg ya . .
    huhu . .