Monday, March 28, 2011


Kpd anonymous yg post 'comment' itu. Terima kasih, really appreciate it.

Last evening, I went to volunteer at All People's Day Exhibtion. There, I met with my Korean friend named Harin who had a hostmom ( I forgot her name, sorry ). On the way home, she asked my fullname. I said "Ammalina Azman. It's an Arabic name means Light of Happiness" - credit to my parents. Hehe. And that was the starting of our wonderful conversation... We talked about Islam and how Muslim in America struggle to live normally especially after 911 incident. Not to mention, most of them labelled the Muslim as terrorist when Islam clearly means 'peace'. In school, my teachers did put 'Muslim as terrorist' thingy as one of their issue. *sigh* But all in all, I can't be a judgemental person in these cases, because in order to justify, we need to hve a lot of knowledge, sources and information. So, ta berani lah nk salahkan sape2. Besides, Blaming Others is a no no. Ouh well, like my dad said, welcome to the real world, Allyn.

Being in America alone by myself, with no one to remind me of what are my responsibilities and obligations, right before I step out of the house ... are really tough for me as a 'teenager' to deal with. And until now, I'm struggling with 'within' me (mcm pelik je ayat tuh). Terima kasih pd mana mana pihak yg sentiasa mmberi peringatan kpd sy spy sy tidak lupa diri.


  1. betul . jangan lupe sape dry kite . be a good girl sayaaang . nothg is going to change , kan ? promise me:,)

  2. alynnn :) take care kat sane :)