Friday, November 20, 2009

once in a lifetime expedition.

I, Allyn declared myself as a Puteri Gunung Tahan.
any objection? haha :)

and now, i miss them so much.
i miss staff icer. He's the best !
Not to mention, Alpha's group members were fun .

Alpha's team members ;
zaid , weng , amir izzat , brock , abu , luqman
syara , allyn , farah aliah , ainum , ana , lina
and together, we made a great team ! proud to be one of them. hee

there are so many memories in my life.
and I am jolly, this expedition would remain in my 'box of collection' forever.
promise ! ! !

our last day was actually a gloomy.
but in front of the camera, nope.
cz we knew, this picture would cost us RM1000.00.
memories are not cheap, ya know ?

nota ; picture taken by an unprofessional.