Saturday, November 21, 2009

sy minta maaf sgtsgtsgt.
bukan ini yg sy nak dan ini bukan ape yg sy rancangkan utk awk dan sy.
inilah yg terbaik.
insyaallah ada hikmah menunggu kita.
ingat lagi ta kite pnh jnji yg kite kan cmni smpi bbile.
tapi sy rase, jnji itu msti sy langgar.
kite tidak boleh selamanya mcm tuh.
maaf :'(
we have to go on our separate ways now.
I hope u can understand. I know u can.
- - - - - -
I thought I was going to give this letter.
But, I chose NOT TO.
For now, can I just let things be like this ?
Cz I don't have the guts to say these words.
And I don't have the guts to lose him.
Frankly, I love him too much.
What's going to happen next year is a whole different story.
or maybe we'll figure it out together.
Thnx kawan kawan n nemo :)