Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am welcomed ~

Menjejakkan kaki ke negara asing bukan lh satu perkara yg mudah. First, u hve to understnd the CULTURE, FOOD and PEOPLE. These three elements are very important in order to blend in. But for me, no matter how much I prepared, I still need a very long time to adapt. Mybe because I'm still my parents' 'little girl'.

My first week in West Palm Beach, Florida was a rough week. I had to adapt with so many things all by myself. It's really different when I was in SEMSAS. Back then, I have friends, teachers n especially my family. whenever i call papa or mama, they will come, ASAP. But now, hell no. I'm at the other side of the globe. U have to take 4 flights to get here. But all in all, aku bersyukur sbb dpt hostfamily n liaison yg Fantabulous. But I have to admit, being far away from the ones u really love can help u to appreciate them more.

Ouh well, this week, I enrolled to a school. If u ask me, How's school ? I'd say, it was a RollerCoaster ride with sooo many ups and downs. Kdang2 bes, kdang2, ta bes. Rse mcm nk lari blik rmah je. Tpi taleh. Huh ~ Skolah dh lah bsr, nsib baik ta sesat. Hari pertama sekolah, mcm b*ngong je. Blurr thp babeng. Nseb baek ada org tolong. Fiuhhh. Subjek yg aku kne amek ; American history, American politics, English, Intensive Reading, Physics, Vocal, and Pre calculus. And guess what, I have to take the FCAT ( mcm SPM ) ! Mksud nye, kne study lh ~ Budak Malaysia duk tgk TV n amek lesen, aku kne jdi Nerd. ouhh, btw, kpd siapa yg nk tgk org kissing LIVE scr eksklusif, dtg lh ke sini (:

Ok, nothing much to say. I'll post more blog after this with some pictures ( mybe ). Sebagai akhir kalam, I LOVE YOU, Malaysian !

~ alin rindu mama papa yaya along dan kawan kawan ~


  1. haha XD sian.. aku kt gainseville hanya mampu berdoa ko ok je. haha XD anyway. hav fun!

    Gainseville, FL

  2. Well, Papa had to go through the same "ordeal" when I was your age. Back then it was a small town called Carbondale in Souther Illinois. It was tough but I guess that's what makes you stronger and better. Talk to your host mom as if she is your friend and good communication could therapeutic and in the end it makes us feel so much better. Great to hear that you are coping well. Take are my "little girl"...