Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ouh la la.

"Miss, please write your Last Name". Yupp, di sini, Last Name amatt penting. My last name would be Azman. 'Ammalina A. Azman'. Tade binti or bin kat sini ! But then I realize smth, if I screw up, my Last Name will be the name that would be called out. I mean, seriously. Because there was one time, I showed up late at school and almost got into a detention class. HAHA. The teacher called me Azman instead of Allyn or Ammalina. Hee, sorry papa (:
Moral of the story, don't get ur butt into trouble !

Today is my third week being in West Palm. So far, it's ok.
Here, I can experience the real effect of economy recession. I'm in US, baby. 31 hari di sini, I've stayed with soo many family. And none of them have more than 2 children. Yesterday, Mrs. Pignato ( my American History teacher ) taught us about The Great Depression. She told a story about post World War 2. U see, after the war, men who involved in army were extremely happy, grateful and ECSTATIC ( ada gambar sorg lelaki balik daripada perang kissed a random woman at street ) because they had won. At that point, American started to produce soooooooooo many progeny and that generation is called 'baby boomers' ( ouh, I heard of this word bfore from papa ) which they are now at their retiring age. So, because of the copious number of people in US, plus, Obama's principle of Economy Growth ; raise in tax, the baby boomers had to limit their expenditure and of course, their offspring. That's why most American have 1 or 2 children. Even the rich people too. Awww ~ Well, I hope they can figure out the solution.

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