Friday, September 30, 2011

He WOW-ed me.

Kita selalu dgr, "DON'T JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT'S COVER" Tapi mmg dh naluri manusia kot, to judge the first impression. So, mmg taleh nak lari lahh. Unless you are an extraterrestrial - tht would be my BF. hehe

Ouh well, there was one fine day, on my way to my friend's house in Sungai Buloh, i took the KTM lahh of course. Mana ada lesen lgi nk bwak kereta =.=" ok ok. Mmg time tuh sngat ramai lah kan, nama pun ktm. and I saw a guy sitting. Penampilan dia sgt2 scary ouhh. Muka mcm org pecah rumah pun ada. Nasib aku lahh dpt berdiri dkat dgn dia. Hurmm menyesal plak tak g kat 'coach girls only'. Haishh. So the train moved. My eyes just glued to him, I don't know why. Actually I really felt insecure. Smpi kat stesen seterusnya, there was a woman holding her baby plus her big mom's bag. Alaaa, kesian nyee. Dah lah org ramai niee, orang yg dduk pandang jeee, tak kasi pun tmpat dduk. At the same moment I thought of tht, the Scary Guy stood and said "akak, duduk lah kat sini yeee" The woman smiled and he smiled back. Ouhhh, senyuman dia sangat manis wehhh. N he ended up standing beside me, but I don't care, because he is a man with a big heart (:

Smile to the world, and the world will smile back. Be kind to others, insyaallah, others will be kind to u as well.

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  1. Smile its not about you, its about who it helps :)