Thursday, December 10, 2009

nothing much to say.

Do u ever heard of people being soo down with their past and trying hard to run away from it ? Or wishing for a time machine when blowing her candles ? Or or worst, suicide, nahh.
Well, it's ME ...

Hatred and love is just the same. They are like twins, but not identical.
Both hurtts me very much.

currently ; solving a crossword puzzle while crying =.=


  1. yupp, hanya padaNya kita mnyembah dn memohon.
    makaceh :))

  2. Stiap kejadian ta akn trjadi tnpa izinNya dan stiap kejadian yg brlaku ada hikmahnya :)

  3. yap.insyaalah ade himah disebaliknye.ujian:))