Friday, August 26, 2011

pesanan ikhlas.

"Papa mama, alin rase alin taleh go lah nk jadi dktor nnti. Life alin tak suit dgn doktor."

When choosing a carrier or even a job, I learned that it's not about the income. But it's about the outcome - what will the carrier impact u on the inside? are they going to affect ur community? is it good or bad?*tinkkkk

Mmg tak dapat dinafikan, belajar mmg penat. But it will not be so burden of u have a target. A noble target. Tak kesah lh nk jadi apa - OT ke, engineer ke, computer freaks ke, doktor ke, business man ke dan sebagainya ke, u have to hve a real goal - To guide Muslims and the whole world to a better way of life. Belajar tinggi2 bukan suruh riak, tpi tolong lah orang sekeliling. HEE

dulu, tanak set goal utk jadi dktor sbb dktor taleh nk travel sllu. HAHA. I'd always see things on the surface but now I realized, there is something else I have to look at. It's the inside and beyond that.

indulge the love !

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  1. "Belajar tinggi2 bukan suruh riak, tpi tolong lah orang sekeliling" thumbs up for that statement :)